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The Polar Express

12/15/2014 8:50:37 AM

On Saturday, the whole Meade/Desai/Mosdell clan took a ride to the North Pole on the Polar Express! It was fun. I thought the North Pole would have more snow, though, and look less like Peninsula, OH. Oh well! For this train, you had to suspend disbelief! One of the highlights was the host ("Elf Dan") on our train car had a pair of Joe Boxer christmas pants that said "Nice Package!" on them. Indeed!

We then celebrated Grandpa Meade's 71st birthday, and opened presents. A gay old time was had by all.


10/28/2014 6:17:29 AM

Happy Birthday to the my little goblin, Valerie! She turns one today. She celebrated with a giant poop this morning! Hooray!

Halloween Metal!!

10/23/2014 11:30:56 AM

Yellow Belts!

10/3/2014 12:07:36 PM

Me and Liam got our yellow belts yesterday! We take American Kenpo classes up at All-American Karate in West Park. The place is awesome. Liam is well on his way to becoming a master of Ninjitsu. I am on my way to becoming a master of Beer Fu.

Spooky paintings

10/2/2014 7:44:39 AM

Becky, the kids, and I made Halloween paintings! Becky made a scary pumpkin, I painted a fiendish graveyard, Liam made a blue ninja and Evie painted the Blob?

30 days!!!

10/1/2014 11:09:56 AM

Halloween time, y'all.

Halloweekends 2014

9/23/2014 7:58:01 AM

To celebrate Grandma Meade's 66th birthday, we and the kiddies scooted our boots to Cedar Point, America's Rock and Roller Coast. Being the end of September, that meant HALLOWEEKENDS!!!

Halloweekends are where Cedar Point becomes spook-central for a 6 weeks or so. The whole park plays the silly Halloween tunes that I listen to all season as well. For once, I felt accepted as a nutjob. Another nice touch was the Halloween-music kings, Midnight Syndicate were playing live (we didn't stay late enough for that, though).

The kids were a bit terrifed by the scarier people in costumes, but the kids area was mostly kid-friendly. For some reason, the Snoopy section included a ton of evil clowns. I guess they want to instill that fear early on or something.

This was Liam and Evie's first time at a real amusement park, they had a blast and I don't think they could fully comprehend how awesome the place was. We were there for 6 hours and still only saw about 1/3 of the place.

Liam got to ride his first coaster, the Corkscrew1 Evie got to ride her first coast, the Woodstock Express - which was a kiddie-coaster, but way faster and crazier than I imagined!

Walking that park with kids is tiring, here's me taking a nap:

I thought this sing said "Charlie Brown's Cock Out". I'm 12.

A great kickoff to the Halloween season!


7/9/2014 7:23:39 AM

The Crown Prince of Meadedom turned 6 yesterday!

Happy birthday, bud - raising you has been the greatest adventure :)

Pics from Liam's "Harry Potter" Birthday party:


6/18/2014 7:21:58 AM

Evelina Grace turned 3 yesterday! Happy birthday, princess :D She had a lovely party over the weekend and a fun day at home yesterday with mom and her brother and sister. Time is going by too quick!

Rock on the Range!

5/19/2014 7:41:59 PM

Myself, The Strak, and The Hostile Dwarf made the torturous journey to Columbus, OH on May 16-18 for Rock on the Range, a celebration of hard rock, heavy metal, pale chicks, and dudes with beards.

Bands I remember seeing:

Slayer - awesome as always. You don't really go to watch Slayer, as they are merely overseers of the chaos below. We were next to a dude in a wheelchair and most of the time was us trying to keep crowd surfers from breaking his neck further.

Guns N' Roses - best GNR show I've seen (4th, I think). Axl seemed to be in a pretty good mood, good voice, and wisely played pretty much a greatest hits package. There were maybe two too many guitar solos, but I was drunk enough to allow it.

Kid Rock was awesome as always. Say what you will, dude puts on a great show and knows how to get a crowd going.

Avenged Sevenfold sucked, but the kids loved them for some reason. They had a cool stage setup though, lots of giant demons and gothic stuff. Sexy. They suck though. I hope this isn't the leader of the New Guard of metal.

Fozzy, Chris Jericho's band, sucks. But it's fun to see Jericho up there pretending they aren't just Tenacious D wannabes.

We saw a ton of other bands - Pretty Reckless, which for some reason Ben didn't want to watch (gay), Jason Bonham Experience, which was as close to Zeppelin as it could get.

The Jason Bonham thing is weird to me. Dude is just playing his dad's parts on songs written by other people. I think it's weird that instead of just living in his dad's shadow, he decided to become his dad.

I think we saw Down and Black Label Society, I'm not sure. I know we saw the only Living Colour song that mattered.

Staind was fucking awful. Aaron Lewis thinks he's Captain White Knight, but he's a douche with boring songs and a boring band. I see many rib cookoffs in his future.

We used the power of Uber to get to and from the stadium, that was pretty cool. We had one driver who I think was 98 years old. He wasn't a big Slayer fan.

There were a lot of fun memorabilia tents, none as fun as the Westboro Baptist tent.


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